Spring Boot 3.2: Innovations and Technical Details

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Spring Boot 3.2: Innovations and Technical Details

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Spring Boot 3.2 version enhances application development with an extended set of features and performance improvements for developers. In this article, we will examine important technical details and innovations introduced in version 3.2.

Project Loom Support and Virtual Threads

With Spring Boot 3.2, Project Loom support has been added, making it easier to use virtual threads. Project Loom is a project aimed at supporting lightweight and low-cost virtual threads on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This enhances application performance by enabling more concurrent connection management. For example, you can see the use of virtual threads with Thread.ofVirtual().start() in the following code snippet:

Thread.ofVirtual().start(() -> {
    // Operations to be performed within the virtual thread

GraalVM Support and Native Image Integration

Spring Boot 3.2 has been updated to integrate better with GraalVM. GraalVM is an important tool, especially for developers aiming to improve application performance and use memory more effectively. Version 3.2 makes the process of creating GraalVM native images smoother and more optimized. This allows for faster startup times by compiling applications natively.

New Rest and JDBC Clients

Significant improvements have been made to the Rest and JDBC clients with Spring Boot 3.2. The new Rest client simplifies and strengthens interactions with RESTful services. Similarly, the JDBC client provides access to databases in a more optimized manner. Below is an example code snippet demonstrating the usage of the new Rest client:

RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
String result = restTemplate.getForObject("https://api.example.com/data", String.class);

Cold Start and CRAC Issue

Cold Start refers to the initial run of a serverless application. Spring Boot 3.2 includes various optimizations to improve cold start times. However, the Continuous Request and Allocation Coalescing (CRAC) issue is a problem encountered, particularly during the usage of virtual threads. Care should be taken in this regard, and support should be sought from relevant resources.

New Micrometer Annotations

Micrometer is a library used to measure application performance and collect metrics. The new Micrometer annotations introduced with Spring Boot 3.2 provide developers with more flexibility, especially when defining custom metrics within the application.

public void performCustomTask() {
    // Operations

Spring Calendar

We encourage developers to try out these new features brought by Spring Boot 3.2 in their projects. It is important to check the Spring Calendar website for more details and updates: Spring Calendar


You can watch an informative video demonstrating the Spring Boot 3.2 innovations in practice.



In conclusion, Spring Boot 3.2 provides developers with more flexibility, performance, and ease of use with updates such as Project Loom and GraalVM integration, new Rest and JDBC clients, among others. With these innovations, it offers developers a stronger and more efficient application development experience.

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